Byway undoes everything that is routine, packaged tourism. Instead, it gives you a cultural mosaic of places, people, passions, lifestyles, architecture, food, and take-me-home memorabilia, from an India that largely remains unpackaged.

Byway is the India that lives in several centuries at once.


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Byway - Untravel. Unravel.

This is the premise that Byway was started on. To depart from the routine. To rid travel in India of its clichés—snake charmers, the Taj Mahal, backwaters and palaces and instead, focus on unravelling the hidden treasures of her byways.

In order to do that, we had to untravel. Remove the stopper on time and pack in experiences of every kind: a home cooked meal in a 2000-year-old village; a handloom tradition that has stayed intact within a family for 13 generations; the must-have breakfast at non-descript eatery just off a busy highway; the mystical powers of a rural god...with every kilometre on the Byway map, there emerged an untold story of an India that we might have otherwise missed.

So, what makes Byway authentic?

Byway is built around a traditional archiving system that has painstakingly catalogued and put together places across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. Historians, architects, archivists, travellers, chefs, archaeologists, sociologists and local experts have put different elements of the mosaic together. The number of sites is growing everyday and the archiving is part of Byway’s efforts to preserve, promote and restore heritage and culture.
Individual travellers, who add a unique perspective to their journeys, further enhance every Byway moment.
This makes Byway an intuitive platform that both, offers cues on un-travelling and builds on new ones as well.

Why Byway?

Simply because it is very unlikely that with Byway, you will see the maximum number of places in the minimum possible time. Byway intends to unravel experiences for you, rather than help you tick off places from your bucket list. Because Byway is not quite an adventure; it is a journey.
Byway will possibly become that experience that you can claim to have been your own. In every way.
Byway gives a routine traveller opportunities to explore the side of India even amidst urban chaos, or pack in a quick detour after a day’s work.


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